How well does your computer know you?

How well does your favourite company know you?

How does your online behaviour define you?

Digital self, meets sensory self somewhere between the binaries.

The project takes social media data and processes it with available AI software that is commercially used to define a user's personality type and consumer behaviour.

DataScent began as a speculative digital afterlife project in March 2018 preserving the essence of an individual's life with a fragrance synthesised from online data. It has since expanded from an occult product to a seasonal service for the living.

With DataScent behaviour and the sensory power of perfume are fused via Artificial Intelligence.

We believe that between the binary 0s and 1s exists an entangled narrative essence of each individual.

Using material volatility grouping as the mode of translation for personality insights percentage points are applied to evaporation coefficients ranging from 1 to 100.

Evaporation coefficient
Top Notes:
1 to 14 (most volatile)
Middle Notes:
15 to 60
Base Notes:
61 to 100 (least volatile)

For example if a trait is rated 10% by the AI, the trait is labeled highly volatile and a top note accordingly.

In perfume, there are standard top, middle <3, and base scents.

A long list of fragrances such as amber, blackberry, sandalwood, lemon, rose, etc. are used to create different combinations of perfumes.